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E Sanjeevani OPD Online Patient Registration | E Sanjeevani OPD Apply | esanjeevaniopd.in Appointment | Scheduling An Appointment

The Ministry of Health and family welfare have launched a new portal through which the people will be able to take teleconsultation services and have proper coverage of their health.

In this article today, we will share with all of you the procedures related to E Sanjeevani OPD including the registration procedure, token generation procedure, login procedure, waiting room and consultation procedures and features of the e-sanjeevani OPD.

We will also share the step by step procedure to download the application of the platform. We will also share the other procedures related to the platform.

E Sanjeevani OPD

The E Sanjeevani OPD has been launched to help all of the people who are finding it very difficult to get health advice from the doctors because of the coronavirus pandemic. This has been developed by the Centre For Development Of Advanced Computing in the city of Mohali.

You will have the ease of getting an appointment from the doctors and getting special clinics and waiting room slots using this application because it has been developed to help the individuals residing in the Mohali state. A lot of different benefits will be provided while using this platform. If you use it judicially then you will definitely be benefited.

E Sanjeevani OPD

Details Of The Platform

Name E Sanjeevani OPD
Launched by Centre For Development Of Advanced Computing
Objective Helping people get OPD appointments
Benefit Get easy OPD appointments
Official site https://esanjeevaniopd.in/

Features Available

The features which are available in this platform are given below in the following list:-

  • Patient registration
  • Token Generation
  • Queue Management
  • Audio-Video Consultation with a Doctor
  • ePrescription
  • SMS/Email Notifications
  • Serviced by State’s Doctors
  • Free Service
  • Fully configurable (no. of daily slots, no. of doctors/clinics, waiting room slots, consultation time limit etc).

Registration / Token Generation / Login Procedure

To register yourself on the portal you’ll have to follow the step-by-step application procedure given below:-

E Sanjeevani OPD
  • On the homepage, click at the “Patient Registration” tab.
  • You can also directly click here
E Sanjeevani OPD Registration
  • A new web page will be displayed on your screen
  • You will have to enter your mobile number
  • An OTP will be sent to your mobile number
  • To receive the OTP you will have to click on the option called Send OTP
  • Enter the OTP received
  • The registration page will be displayed on your screen
  • Fill up all of the details
  • Request token for consultation
  • Upload health records (if any).
  • You will receive Patient ID and Token through SMS.
  • Now you will have to log in using the “Patient Login” tab present at the e Sanjeevani OPD Portal homepage
  • You can also click on the link
E Sanjeevani OPD Login
  • The login page will be displayed on your screen
  • Enter the Mobile number or Patient ID along with Token No.,
  • Click at the “Login” button
  • You will be successfully login under the platform.
  • To get the appointment you have to enter the name of the clinic
  • If there are more appointments before you then you will be given a serial number otherwise you will be the only one in the clinic.

Scheduling An Appointment

To have an appointment with your doctor you will have to follow the simple procedure given below in a step-by-step manner:-

  • When you have successfully login yourself under the portal and search for your clinic you will be assigned a serial number.
  • When your serial number will come, eSanjeevaniOPD assigns a doctor to you
  • the doctor will be assigned to you, the “CALL NOW” button gets activated
  • You have to click on the button to get a call to your doctor within 120 seconds
  • If you successfully click on the button then you will have an appointment with your doctor.
  • The appointments will be through a media call

Consultation Procedure

The consultation procedure with your doctor is mentioned below in a step-by-step guide:-

  • You can check the detail consultation proceeded with your doctor by clicking on the link
E Sanjeevani OPD
  • When you will have a video call video doctor your doctor will have all of the access to your previous health records if you have uploaded any.
  • The doctor will also prepare an electronic prescription that will suit your disease.
  • When you will end your consultation then the doctor will send the e-prescription to you and will close the call
  • You can also save for print your prescription
  • You can log out of the platform after you have completed your consultation
  • eSanjeevaniOPD sends an SMS notification to the patient with a link to download ePrescription

Download E Sanjeevani OPD Application

To download the mobile application you will have to follow the step-by-step procedure given here:-

  • First, click on the link given here to directly go to the Google Play Store for downloading the application
E Sanjeevani OPD
  • Click on the option call download
  • Wait for it to download
  • Install the application carefully
  • Follow the registration procedure of the portal to register yourself.

Checking Timings And Profile

Check your timing and the profile of your patient by following the step-by-step application procedure with given below:-

  • Check the patient profile by clicking on the link
Timings And Profile
  • If you want to check the timing then you will have to click on the link

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