How To Apply For Caste Certificate Online & Offline

What is the importance of Caste Certificate in India? You all will know, Caste Certificate is seen as a main document almost everywhere, for school, bank, or any government work. If you are a student of the school and you want to apply for Scholorship, then it is mandatory to put a copy of Caste Certificate there too. You cannot apply for scholarship without a Caste Certificate.

If you have to take a loan from the bank too, then there is a Caste Certificate for the interest rebate, if you talk directly, then Caste Certificate means that every person should have a Caste Certificate. If you want to apply for Goverment Job, then you get a lot of discounts through Caste Certificate. With Caste Certificate one sees the background of the person and accordingly he gets a job exemption.

How To Apply For Caste Certificate Online & Offline

So if you also want to apply for caste certificate, then today in this post I will tell you in detail about how to apply Caste Certificate Online. In this post, I will tell you the complete process of how to apply Caste Certificate Online Apply and Caste Certificate Offline Apply.

Documents required for Caste Certificate

  • Passport Size Photo
  • Aadhar Card
  • Ration Card
  • Signature

Process to apply Caste Certificate Online

CSC portal has been created by the state for the application of Caste Certificate of every state, you can apply online for Online Caste Certificate by visiting your state’s CSC Portal.

At present, by going to the site of Uttar Pradesh Goverment here, I am giving a tutorial about how to apply for Caste Certificate. If you do not have any problem, then I will mention below the link of CSC portal of every state. Then let us know step by step about how to apply Caste Certificate Online. You follow the process mentioned below and apply to create your own Caste Certificate.

Uttar Pradesh Caste Certificate Online Apply

In Uttar Pradesh, the eSathi portal has been launched by the government for the common man from where you can apply online for such documents. You can register your account by going to eSathi portal. Then login and start the further process.

Uttar Pradesh Caste Certificate Online Apply

  1. First of all go to Uttar Pradesh website.
  2. Now create an eSathi account and login.
  3. Click on the option filled in the application.
  4. Click on Select Service and click on Caste Certificate. (You will get all certificate options here)
  5. Now in which language do you want to fill the form. You will get two options in English and Hindi.
  6. The form will open on your screen.

After filling this form, click on the button and pay the registration fee and submit the form.

Note: If you are applying for Caste Certificate online by yourself, then you can secure the number you received on submitting the form.

If the Caste Certificate is filled correctly, it is created in 7 days and has to be downloaded again by visiting the CSC portal and downloading the Caste Certificate from itself.

You will get the option to check the application and download the certificate on the CSC website and you can visit the website and download the certificate. Because on applying online, the certificate has to be downloaded manually.

In this way you will be able to apply for Caste Certificate online. In this post, I have told the process of applying for Caste Certificate for a resident of Uttar Pradesh, you can apply online for Caste Certificate by visiting any state website.

Caste Certificate offline application process

If you do not have much knowledge of internet or if you do not apply online and want to apply for offline caste certificate, then you should read the instructions given below.

  1. First of all, download the “Caste Certificate Form” or go to CSC and get the Caste Certificate form.
  2. Fill the form according to the document without any mistake.
  3. Copy the document.
  4. Pasted a passport size photo.
  5. Submit the registration fee.
  6. Submit the caste certificate form to the CSC of your tehsil and obtain its receipt.