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Chief Minister Vijay Rupani on Sunday announced Mukhyamantri Mahila Utkarsh Yojana (MMUY) — a scheme of providing interest-free loans to women’s groups in the state – to be launched on September 17, birthday of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

An official release said that the government is planning to provide total lending up to Rs 1,000 crore to these groups to be registered as joint liability and earning group (JLEG). The release said that in the post-Covid socio-economic life style of the state

The government is committed to have women play a key role. As part of that commitment, the release added, the government is planning to provide interest-free loans to 10 lakh women across the state under the new scheme.

Under the MMUY, 50,000 JLEGs will be formed in urban areas. Similarly, 50,000 such groups will also be formed in rural areas.

Each group will have 10 women members in it. And these groups will be given interest-free loans by the government.The interest amount will be borne by the state government.

And the government is going to sign MoUs with banks shortly, said the release. The government has also decided to waive the stamp duty charges for the loans to be given to these women groups.Mukhyamantri Mahila Utkarsh Yojana

Mukhyamantri Mahila Utkarsh Yojana

Vijay Rupani has announced that this scheme will help the women with self-help groups(SHGs) of Gujarat can take this loan. This scheme was announced on a budget of the Gujarat state on 26th February 2020. Under this scheme, the women of self-help groups(SHGs) can able to take the loan from the government with 0% interest.

The interest of the loan will be given by the government directly to the bank. Under this scheme, the government will give up to 1 lakh rupee loan to the self-help groups(SHGs), Sakhi Mandal, in rural areas. That means women can take a loan under this scheme, not more than 1 lakh rupee from the government.

Highlights of Mukhya Mantri Mahila Utkarsh Yojana

Scheme Name Mukhyamantri Mahila Kalyan Utkarsh Yojana
Launched By CM Vijay Rupaani
Beneficiaries Women of State
Registration Process Online
Objective To provide 0% Interest Loan
Benefits Loan up to 1 lakh
Category Central Govt. Scheme
Official Website gujaratindia.gov.in/

Mahila Utkarsh Yojana objective

The Gujarat government has announced this scheme with a great objective. We should know the purpose behind this scheme and can help the government to achieve this objective.

Behind this scheme, the government wats to increases women’s participation in new start-ups and enterprises. The government wants the women of Gujarat have become jobmakers instead of the job seeker. This scheme will help to women to sustain in amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The government has launched this scheme to increase women’s empowerment. Mukhyamantri Mahila Kalyan Yojana or Mukhyamantri Mahila Utkarsh Yojana will able the women of Gujarat to take the loan up to 1 lakh rupee with 0% interest and start their own business. Under this scheme, the women can get a hassle-free loan from the government.

Mukhyamantri Mahila Utkarsh Yojana Eligibility criteria

  • The women who want to apply for the scheme have to be domicile of the state.
  • To apply for the scheme the women has to be the part of self help groups of Gujarat.
  • If the SHGs have good record in repaying the loan on time, then only they are eligible to apply.

Gujarat Mukhyamantri Kisan Sahay Yojana

How to apply online for Gujarat Chief Minister Mahila Kalyan (Utkarsh) Yojana

The Gujarat government has allocated about Rs.193 crore budget for this scheme. In order to give an interest-free loan, the women have to apply in this scheme. Mahila Utkarsh Judith consisting of urban and rural women, will only able to get the benefits from the government if they apply for this chem.

To apply in this scheme, the women have to fill the online application form. Just like other schemes, the Gujarat government may be made a portal for this scheme. Every woman needs to fill the application form to get the benefits of this scheme.

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